February 2006

Just a quick message to let you know that we have fallen in love with Mikey.  He knows all his commands and is so obedient when he sits, stays and lies down for sleep.

We decided not to let him sleep in bed with us but he sleeps right beside the bed. He does; however, have practically his own full-size sofa in the living room. He also loves to get up on the other sofa and look out the window as people pass by.

Mikey is very attached to my husband and follows him around and watches him on the computer as he has a chair right beside him. He is also very good with all of us as he sits next to me on the sofa and either lies on his back for belly rubs or just cuddles and has his ears scratched. When our son lies around watching TV, Mikey jumps on our son’s tummy and sleeps there. It’s funny to watch Mikey go up and down with our son’s breathing.

A tennis ball with a strap is quite the favourite of his – he practically knocks himself out playing with it and then comes and drops it by our feet so that we can throw it. We haven’t seen any aggression from him. My husband is excellent with him and when they go for walks, Mikey walks right beside him and heels very nicely. He is truly a joy.

Mikey just isn’t eating very much. He doesn’t seem to like any of his food except for the huge dental kibbles we got from the vet and even those he isn’t eating very much of. He does seem quite happy though as he has the three of us to fawn over him. We will be careful not to spoil him.

Thanks again for lovely Mikey.

Mikey’s Story