August 2006

I have a nice story to tell about being a rescuer.

One of our group members took in a very sick Pekingese last September who was a retired breeder that was suppose to be euthanized as unwanted. His eye actually ruptured on the Vet’s table when he touched it….our vet, who we love very much, was able to not only save the eye but did a graft on it. At the same time, Jazz needed a hernia fixed, a neuter, and little cosmetic eye tucks so he could close his eyes properly. When he was brought to me to foster, he looked like a monster with a shaved face and body, big ugly eyes from the graft and stitches on other places. I was scared to death of hurting him!

Jazz ended up turning into a beautiful, magnificent, extremely sweet disposition Pekinese

and we both fell in love with him. We wanted to find the PERFECT home for him and turned down several people on home visits because Jazz didn’t seem to like them. We finally found the perfect couple to turn our Jazz over too in April – and with many tears, I said goodbye and handed his care over….along with a suitcase full of toys, sweaters, t-shirts, boots, blankets, leash sets – all that he accumulated from us and people that had the privilege of meeting Jazz.

 The new mom has kept us up to date with Jazz stories almost every day and so has kept him very fresh in our minds.

Yesterday, we were up in the area where he was adopted while we were placing another dog. We stopped in to see Jazz and I wondered if he would even remember me. He didn’t seem to at first and even when I picked him up, he kinda looked at me with a “who are you” look. All of a sudden, he stared wiggling like crazy so I put him down – he was so excited, that he did 4 rolls on the ground and started hopping around….HE REMEMBERED ME!!! It was amazing to see his little memory work like that and how excited he was. After he calmed down, he just went along doing his own thing and looked very happy and content.

We had a nice visit with him and his family…after several more hugs and kisses, I said goodbye again feeling very happy.

I thought it was nice to know that these little guys will remember us for how we helped them. Plus seeing them so happy in their new homes is absolutely wonderful!