August 2006

She is eating very well—no more tummy problems.

She loves her crate which she stays in during the day even when the crate door is open. She often goes in there on her own to rest and to keep an eye on me whenever I’m in the kitchen.

She is getting along with well with my cat, Mini, and Artemis. Once Artemis stole her chewie treat right from under her nose and she barked out loud to alert me to what was going on. We thought that was pretty funny.

Lizzy still barks when I go out and we are working very hard to help her not to. I’ve been doing nothing but working on her training for the past 6 weeks solid! We are working on helping her to elect us as the leaders so she can relax and rest. We use DAP spray on her handkerchief & crate.

Bach Flower Remedies are applied. We introduced her to treat-stuffed kong which we give to her in the crate before we leave. Next on the line for us to try is citronella collar. We are really hoping that these approaches work as we don’t feel too comfortable with some other methods that were suggested to us to curb her barking.