February 2007

Just though I would give you an update on Brandon. The picture of him was taken with his new coat. He had just had a haircut as he had gotten into a can of paint while I was painting. Never a dull moment with this little guy.

He is doing very well. Still a little nervous around people when they first come in but we have told everyone not to pat him until he comes to them. Within minutes he jumps into their lap.

We have daily races between him and our Siamese cat plus a few wrestling matches each morning.

He is still a picky eater but has put on enough weight so that can’t feel his bones anymore. The only bad part is that we have to go outside with him or put him on a rope as he is a runner. He had traffic stopped on Highway 6 one day as he was playing in the middle of the highway. Since then we never leave his side while he is outside. Little devil of a dog.

He has the usual Yorkie temperament but his growl and grumblings are worse than his bite.

Our German Shepard loves him but has to be careful as she pushes him around and doesn’t realize that she can’t hold him down with her paws.

It has been a busy few months with Brandon but he captures everyones here with his character. We just love the little guy even if he does steal my knitting yarn.

Just wanted you to know that he is well and much loved.