May 2007

Hi – I just wanted to give you an update on Casey and let you know how she is doing in her new home. First, her name is now Sadie…..which she loves and answers to.

She is a very sweet, precious girl. She sleeps stretched out next to me in the bed and, after the first 2 days, appears to no longer urinate when meeting people for the first time. She gets VERY excited when knowing we are going for a walk but it is obvious she has never spent much time on a leash, she will need a little training in that area. But she does listen to direction very well. She makes me laugh all the time and everybody that comes over falls in love with her.

I have attached a couple pictures of her in her new home. I haven’t taken her to the groomers yet because I didn’t want to drop her off at a strange place too soon, but after she is bathed and trimmed I will send more pictures. We are all very happy here. Thank you.