Foxy Attridge

(adopted July 22nd, 2011)

Seven months ago I met my most favorite person in the world…Mommy! I know Mom is just as in love with me because she tells me that every time she sees me – I always make her smile and laugh. She is always snuggling with me, kissing my head, telling me I’m a good girl and how happy I make her. I am her constant shadow. My tail is always wagging when she is around – I happily prance around the house in circles with my stuffed toy fox. Mom bought me three of them and I carry them around all the time like they are my babies (instead of Mom’s shoes like I did when I first arrived at this palace!)

I’m still quite nervous around “treat and food guy” (Mom’s husband), I wish I could tell them what happened to me at that puppy mill, but it will stay my secret forever. They understand I’ve had a hard life and say it’s time for me to be their baby instead of making them. Everything was new and strange to me when I first came here…the hairdryer, (any electrical device really) a soft bed, stairs, there’s even been this cold, wet, white stuff outside on the ground lately that I’ve never seen in all my 3 years! There are also these two other furry creatures living here. I’m happy to report that although my feline sister took a few months to come around, her and her brother are happy to share their house with me.

So, hear I am, living the good life now – with my own soft bed, lots of toys that squeak and best of all, MOMMY! I especially love this red treat ball that my food trickles out of when I push it along with my nose and my reindeer antler! I get two walks a day, go for walks in the forest behind my house and I’ve even been to this dog park several times! Thank-you so much Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue, for first of all rescuing me from my old life and for helping me find my soulmate – Mommy and the rest of my family.