December 2007
Skeeter has a new winter coat to wear for walks in the snow. He doesn’t like walking in the winter very much, but we’ll be in Florida next month, so that will be nicer for all of us. There haven’t been any more biting incidents since the infamous “Attack of ’07”. After discussions and advice from several people we gained a better understanding of pack mentality and the hierarchy in the home, and made some changes based on that. He seems to be OK now, and he even lets the cats walk past without barking or chasing. Hope you and yours have a great holiday season!
April 2007

Aren’t these pictures adorable. He was good as gold at the groomers. He had a clean bill of Health at the Vet’s. YEA!!! HIS BLADDER STONES ARE UNDER CONTROL. The Vet noticed that my little guy is very attached to me and made the silly statement that it’s not a good thing to treat him like a baby. What a silly Vet, of course I’m going to baby him, I just can’t help it.

Skeeter is adjusting well and continues to amuse us with his little antics everyday. He has his own unique personality, and we are starting to understand his likes and dislikes from day to day. He does not like to share Doug or me with the cats, so when his jealous streak shows, we make a big fuss over all of them equally when we are all in the same room. Most of the time Skeeter laps it up, but once in a while he just wants the cats out of the room. He weighs 14 pounds but the Bandit weighs 15.

The Vet has increased his food allowance. We are going to start to take Skeeter flying with us, so Doug has ordered him a special pair of Doggie Mutt Muffs to protect his hearing. He will look just like a real ace pilot with his new gear. Of course well have to get him a scarf just like Snoopy. Ha Ha.

April 2007

As you can see, we have re-named our new little guy – Skeeter. The grandchildren wanted the name Skeeter as apposed to Pavarotti. He is doing great. The cats are now roaming around the house once again. I’m starting to leave Skeeter on his own for small amounts of time. I am not sure who suffers the separation anxiety more, myself or Skeeter.

We are taking him to the dog groomers on the 11th, so I’ll be sure and take a few pictures of him. He loves his walks during the day. If he feels he has not had a long enough walk, he refuses to walk up the front porch stairs and sits down and looks at me, so needless to say off we go again for another walk around the block. Usually 20 minutes at the least. On the nicer days, we walk about 5 miles a day, broken up of course. I bought him his own little bed for the car, so he can curl up and sleep on the front passenger seat. His favourite place of course is on my lap, in front of the steering wheel, with his paws on the steering wheel, as if he was driving. He is a real little character.

March 2007

We are thoroughly and totally in love with our darling little Pavarotti. He is the dearest little guy. I spend every day with him and hate to leave him for even a minute. I find I take him with me in the car, as much as I can. He loves his walks and we usually go for about 6 walks a day for about 20 minutes or so. I’m sure to be in good shape come the summer.

Pav has been chasing the cats less, but I know now that he means no harm, he just wants to play. He has met a few of the grand children and they just adore him. The neighbourhood children have been over to see him and want to take him for walks once the weather warms up. Pav has lots of new people in his life that love him and will no doubt spoil him rotten. We have a Vet’s appointment next week, so I’ll be sure and let you all know what the Doctor has to say. All in all we are very happy to have Pav in our lives and you can rest easy knowing that he is loved very much and we will take very good care of him.