October 2007

It is with great sadness that I must let you all know that our Mattie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone who ever met Mattie, loved Mattie. Her wide eyed innocence, her beautiful face, the way she cuddled into the crook of my arm when I took her outside or sat watching TV; strangers were drawn to her and she loved the attention. Being carried in the Canada Day parade, she worked the crowd.

Even nearing the end, with failing heart and constricted breathe, Mattie could muster up all the spirit and attitude to give some LOUD shrill barks if it got to be 5pm and I had not yet served her dinner. She chose to make “her” spot the area right beside the doggie steps so she could playfully nip at the paws of her brothers as they used the steps to get on and off the couch – the maneuver best known as the “Cobra”.

 Although Mattie had only been with us for 1.5 of her 14 years, and with me for just about a year, the bond I felt was as if she had been with me for all 14.

 I am at peace knowing that she is safe now and that her favourite brother Sam was at the bridge to meet her and together they have found a comfy couch on which to cuddle together, just like they used to.


Run free Mattie, forever in my heart..