September 2009

Kayla is doing just fine and is full of surprises. Yesterday, she danced for us, including a Pirouette, no less.

Tuesday my mother and sister came to meet her and she was her absolutely most loveable. They were completely under her spell by the time they left. No surprise there.

Wednesday, except for her walks and a ride to the Doctor’s office with me, we did nothing.

Thursday we visited the Vet, a lovely lady who removed Kayla’s stitches, checked her blood and stool, and all test results were great. Then we were off to groomer to have a thorough cleaning. Then off to the pet store to get her some treats and a new collar. I wanted a collar that showed she was female, so we got one with plastic rhinestones for her. She looks and smells lovely.

Friday we went off to Maggie’s house to meet her.  Kayla was a little lady during their walk together. When they got home, my brother-in-law suggested we take them out to his huge fenced in yard. I told him that I didn’t think Kayla would be interested in the pool. Well I was wrong! The first thing she did was make a bee-line to it and jumped in. What a shock for everyone, including Kayla because the cover was one it. However, she quickly regained her dignity and ran out to join the rest of the group.

Maggie was awful at first, growling and carrying on but Kayla didn’t give up and won her over. By the time we left they were great friends. Good thing, because Maggie will be staying with us Monday and Tuesday of the coming week.