August 2018

 I don’t know what kind of magic spell you have on the dogs you foster, but you need to write a book about it!  I have never had such a well- adjusted, loving, sweetheart of a dog come to my home and fit in as part of my family – in ONE day!  My neighbours have all met him while he walked alongside the dog buggy that Mia rides in and were shocked that I had only had him one day at that point.  He was very hot so in the buggy he went with Mia and he just loved it.  We met Teka, the little alpha female Chihuahua who I dog sit one day a week while the mom goes to school.  Teka tried to intimidate him but he stood his ground and she immediately knew he was boss!  He has already had a bath, a slight haircut around the eyes and mouth and was so trusting that he wasn’t going to be hurt!  To think that he was abandoned, travelled since early June from Texas to Buffalo and then to your place – it boggles my mind that his personality is so loving and laid back.  Mia finally lets him kiss her.  He goes up and down the stairs like nothing, still is hesitant about jumping on the bed and will go up the basement stairs but not down as they’re vinyl instead of carpet.  He panicked when I was grooming Mia in the basement and cried when he couldn’t find where my voice was coming from.  When I went up to get him, he had peed and pooped on the tile but that was absolutely understandable.  Once I carried him down, he checked out the rooms and was fine.  The first day he had a bit of diarrhea and I should have asked you for some of the food you had fed him so I could introduce the other gradually.  Live and learn.

 I’m sending pictures of him walking beside Mia’s buggy, in the buggy with Mia, his first shampoo, hanging on to his bone (I had smeared it with a bit of peanut butter), and sleeping (his little feet were just a-travelling!)  THANK YOU for your hard work – I have benefitted for sure.  I JUST LOVE HIM!

I have written about the Pomeranian and Small Animal Rescue on my Facebook page.  All my friends and family are dog lovers and their comments and Likes have spread to all their friends as well.

 With appreciation, love and gratitude,