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breed rescue




Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue is run completely by volunteers. If you live in Southwestern Ontario and love dogs, please consider joining our group. We are always looking for additional volunteers so that we can increase the number of dogs we are able to rescue.

Please click here to complete our Volunteer Application Form.

“I am the bridge between what was and what can be.

I am the pathway to a new life.

I am made of mush, because my heart melted when I saw you,

matted and sore, limping, depressed, lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.

For one little time you are mine.

I will feed you with my own hand, I will love you with my whole heart

I will make you whole.

I am made of steel.

Because when the time comes, when you are well, and sleek, 

when your eyes shine, and your tail wags with joy ...

then comes the hard part.

I will let you go -- not without a tear,

but without a regret.

For you are safe forever—

A new dog needs me now.”

Diane Morgan


We are always trying to increase awareness of our rescue and the importance of donations. We can use any and all talents in this area. Again, since we cover a large area, we need volunteers throughout the Niagara/Hamilton/Toronto corridor to place flyers in local stores, assist in staffing our booths at local events, help with garage sales, etc.

Veterinary Assistance

All of our rescue dogs need to be altered and vaccinated prior to adoption. Many of our dogs need further medical treatment, such as ear, heart and thyroid medication, dental care, surgeries for cherry eye, luxating patellas, hernias, tumors, etc. We would appreciate any offer of reduced veterinary fees to help offset the high costs of this necessary care.


Any dog groomers who are willing to donate their services are greatly appreciated. Many of our rescue dogs come to us in desperate need of bathing and grooming. Since our foster homes are located throughout the Niagara/Hamilton/Toronto corridor, we need of low cost or donated grooming in all geographical areas.

Foster Homes

Foster homes are one of the most vital aspects of our rescue. Foster parents provide temporary homes for dogs before they are placed in forever homes.

Your role as a foster parent is to prepare your foster dog for adoption into a forever home. Being a foster parent requires commitment. Taking dogs into your home, loving them, and then letting them go, requires a special kind of person. We have some dogs that are in our rescue for only a few days, but others who may require long-term or permanent foster care. In addition, as a foster parent, you will be responsible for the day-to-day costs for your foster dog such as food, toys, leashes, etc. We do sometimes get items donated to us, and these are distributed to foster homes as appropriate. Any pre-approved veterinary costs incurred for the foster dog(s) will be refunded to you.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please complete our Volunteer Application Form.

Home Visit Reviewers

As part of our adoption process, we require a volunteer to visit the potential adopter in their home. This occurs after all of the adopter’s references have been checked and they are considered the best candidate for a particular dog. These volunteers ensure that the dog will live in a safe and healthy environment and that the applicant understands the care needed after adopting a dog. Since we accept applications throughout southwestern Ontario, we need volunteers all over that geographical area.


Our rescue dogs frequently need to be transported from various shelters to a designated foster home, occasionally between foster homes, or taken from a foster home to a veterinary appointment. We need volunteers throughout the Windsor/London/Niagara/Hamilton/Toronto areas to assist with these transports.

How you can help: